Bird Shipping Info

If you'd like to ship your waterfowl/poultry/gamebird to me, you must follow the steps below, and keep in mind that shipping your dead waterfowl/gamebird can be risky: if you do not CONTACT ME AND DISCUSS SHIPPING YOUR BIRD PRIOR TO ACTUALLY SHIPPING IT, IT CAN RESULT IN A ROTTEN BIRD THAT CANNOT BE MOUNTED.  I am not liable for any birds that are damaged or unusable if we did not discuss the shipping prior or if you did not use the shipping methods listed below. 

1) freeze your bird.  Review my prices page.

2) Print out and completely fill out a federal migratory bird tag.  Download and print out the one below. Fill out one tag per bird.  For my own personal record keeping, please fill one of these out even if your bird is farm raised or an upland gamebird/turkey.  Thanks a lot! 

3) Call or email me to let me know that you will be sending a package my way.  Please DO NOT ship your bird out until you have confirmed this with me.  Please leave a message if I do not answer the phone, and I will call you back.

4) Only ship your bird out on a Monday or Tuesday by FedEx, UPS, or USPS.  Use next day air if it is hot outside or if it it summer time.  Otherwise you can use 2 day shipping.  I am not responsible for birds damaged or rotten due to improper shipping.  

5) Once you have confirmed with me that you will be sending me a shipment containing your bird/birds, and your bird is entirely frozen, it's time to pack it up.  Make sure it is in a sealed plastic bag.  Put the filled out federal migratory bird tag in a small ziplock and seal it closed so that it will stay dry.  Place the bag containing the tag in the bag containing your bird.  Remember, one filled out tag for each bird!  Now wrap at least 4 inches of newspaper around the bag containing your bird.  Place your bird in a disposable foam cooler and fill in any more gaps with more news paper to help insulate it.  Tape the lid of the foam cooler shut and place it in a cardboard box.  On the outside of the box, near the shipping and return addresses, label the contents of the box.  For example, if you are shipping me a mallard and two green-winged teal, label the outside of the box, "Qty - 1. mallard duck, Qty - 2. green-winged teal".  

6) When I receive your bird, I will contact you and we can discuss what position you would like it to be in, any habitat you may want for it, and payment information.  I will send you an invoice for 50% of the price of your bird.  I typically do this through email.  Once this initial payment has been made, I can start work on your bird.

My shipping address is 885 East 98th Ave Unit 1001

Thornton, CO 80229

Once I complete your bird, I will ship it back to you.  This shipment expense will be added onto the final deposit, which includes the remaining 50% of the price of your bird, and any additional habitat aspects/landscape bases if habitat was part of what you wanted for your mount.  Please keep in mind that depending on the size of your bird and the pose you chose for it, shipping can be expensive.