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Custom Soft Mount Taxidermy

Besides waterfowl and gamebirds, Wild Goose Chase Taxidermy Studio offers a selection of custom soft mount taxidermy! Please note that the photos above and below are just examples of the soft mounts I make. Your soft mount will be unique and personalized for you.  

Soft mounts are different than the traditional form of taxidermy; the head and face of a pelt is mounted over a traditional rigid foam form with realistic glass eyes, but the rest of the body is soft and flexible because it has been filled with poly-fil. These types of mounts are great because they are a bit more unique than traditional taxidermy in that you can hold them and curl them up on a chair in various positions, but they still maintain a realistic look. Although you can cuddle them a bit more than a traditional mount, they should still be handled gently since they are not intended to be a toy for young children.  These mounts are great options for photography if you pose them in a natural setting.  If you are interested in lifesize mounts instead, there is a tab for those services at the top of this webpage.

All of my custom soft mounts are made from high quality tanned pelts that I will provide, although you can send me a tanned and taxidermy quality pelt that you have at home.  This will somewhat reduce the prices shown below (please contact me before shipping any pelts).  please do not send me unskinned animals/raw pelts, as I currently do not have the facility to process raw hides or animals.  Orders for soft mounts are typically placed over the phone or through email since I don't have a storefront location, so see my contact info on this website's homepage for more details.  Please note that each pelt was from a unique animal and there may be size or color variations or the occasional slight flaws like natural scars. In my opinion, this just gives the animal more character. No two soft mounts are the same!

There are various species of animals to choose from for your soft mount, and the prices are listed next to them.  You must also choose wire, eye, and nose customization options from the lists below when you make your order.  The prices listed cover any customization options you may want from the lists below as well as free shipping.  Keep in mind that I only ship in the lower 48 US states.  

-Prairie Dog: $250
-Striped Skunk: $400
-Pine Marten: $450
-Badger: $650
-Otter: $650
-Grey Fox: $650
-Wild Red Fox: $650
-Fisher: $650
-Bobcat: $750
-Coyote: $750
Note: if the species you are interested in is not listed above, contact me and I can see if I can find what you were wanting for your mount.

*An internal armature allows you to pose your soft mount.  It is made from a combination of wire and plastic ball and socket joints (ball and socket joints are used on larger mounts only).  You can choose your armature from the options below.

- No internal armature so that it is extra plush and flexible
- Internal armature in the legs only so they maintain a more realistic shape
- Internal armature in the legs and neck so it can hold up its head while laying down
- Full internal armature so the entire body can be positioned, although it may not be able to stand up on its own if it is a larger animal such as a coyote

- Dark brown eyes
- Light brown eyes
- Yellow eyes
- Golden eyes
- Orange eyes
- Red eyes
- Light green eyes
- Dark green eyes
- Turquoise eyes
- Albino eyes
- Grey eyes
- Deep blue eyes
- Light blue eyes
- Two different colored eyes (Please specify which two colors)

- Pink nose
- Brown nose
- Black nose
- Dark grey nose

- You can also request the front canines to be showing and or the very tip of the tongue sticking out, or other unique features like one ear raised and the other lowered, one eye winking, both eyes closed as if it were sleeping, a slight facial expression, etc., so long as they are not overly complicated or require additional material.

Since these are custom made and certain pelts and supplies may be harder to find, it can take several months for me to complete yours and ship it to you.  To make a custom soft mount order, or If you didn't see the species listed that you were interested in, click here to contact me.  

Visit My Etsy Shop

Click here to visit WGCTaxidermyStudio (, my Etsy shop.  Here I sell various species and forms of taxidermy that I create when not working on custom orders, although there are a couple listings on my Etsy for custom Soft Mounts/fish reproductions.  I also sell prints of my wildlife related art.  Please note that all birds sold on the Etsy shop are farmed, domesticated (not pets), or otherwise legal for me to sell to the general public.  Any migratory gamebird (like waterfowl) are farm raised only.  Thank you for your business!

 NOTE: Please note that all sales are final and nonrefundable, and prices are subject to change over time.  There will be a 3.0 percent fee on all credit card purchases.  Taxidermist and/or company will not be held responsible for the theft, fire, flood, vandalism, tanning, hair/feather slippage or any other loss or damage.  The decision and discretion of the taxidermist is binding and absolute and shall apply in any situation, in any disagreements or conflicts and for any fee assessment.  Taxidermy is an art form that works with natural mediums, as such there is the possibility for natural flaws or instances where the skin has been improperly handled by the hunter where slight alterations may be needed to create the finished product.  In some instances if the skin has been improperly handled, it may not be mountable.  While reference pictures may be used, the finished product may not look exactly like the reference picture due to working with a natural medium. 

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