Fish Reproductions/Replicas


Fish Reproductions/Replicas:

Wild Goose Chase Taxidermy Studio is branching out to offer custom fish reproductions!

These are great options for the catch and release angler; simply take a good photo of your fish and measure it from nose to tail.  Contact me to get your order started, and I will paint a plastic cast of the species and size desired, using your photo as a reference.  Remember that I do not make fish mounts using the actual skin.  Just like with the bird taxidermy, all fish come with a complementary piece of driftwood to be mounted against.  Additional habitat aspects will be an additional charge.

PRICES:  Fish are priced at $20 per inch, so if you have a 10 inch fish and only want the complementary driftwood with it, your fish will cost $200.  

Upon completion of your fish reproduction, Fort Collins area customers can pick up their fish at Dan French Taxidermy, and Denver area customers can coordinate with me to pick up their fish at my studio location in Thornton.  

Happy fishing!