Lifesize Mammal Taxidermy

 Lifesize Mammal Taxidermy

For those who want custom lifesize mammal taxidermy instead of bird taxidermy, I offer a selection of small game animals that I can provide unless you would like to ship me your own tanned and taxidermy quality pelt (be sure to contact me prior to shipping me a tanned pelt).  I cannot accept unskinned/raw animals or animal pelts due to shop space constraints.  All lifesize mounts come with a complementary piece of driftwood, branch, or a stump that your mount can be attached to, and this can be either a tabletop display or one that hangs off the wall.  If you would like extra habitat aspects, it will be an additional charge.

In addition to lifesize taxidermy, I can also typically make you a half lifesize or headmount display for a reduced price depending on pelt availability.   

When you place your order with me (typically over the phone or via email), you can tell me what position you want your animal to be in.  If there isn't a specific form on the market for me to use, I can typically alter it to make it look like what you want (for example: a fox standing on its hind legs so it can hold items with its front legs).  If you want your mount to have an open mouth, there will be an additional $120 charge.  

The prices below reflect what each animal will cost if I am providing the pelt and you are choosing the complementary base, and before shipping costs are calculated in.  I ship within the lower 48 US states.  People wanting to pick their animal up at my home studio near Denver, Colorado, can do so once their animal is complete.  Those who want their animal shipped to them will have the shipping calculated once their mount is complete and in its box since the price varies depending on the size and position of your mount.  Please keep in mind that shipping larger mounts can be expensive, sometimes $200 or more for a fox sized mount.  

Mounts are typically completed in under 10 months.  If the species listed below are not what you were interested in for a mount, contact me and I can see if I can source a good pelt for the species you wanted.   

Bobcat: $1,100.00

Coyote: $1,100.00

Grey Fox: $950.00

Wild Red Fox: $950.00

Otter: $950.00

Badger: $950.00

Pine Marten: $650.00

Fisher: $950.00

Raccoon: $900.00

Striped Skunk: $600.00

Prairie Dog: $450.00

NOTE: Please note that all sales are final and nonrefundable, and prices are subject to change over time.  There will be a 3.0 percent fee on all credit card purchases.  Taxidermist and/or company will not be held responsible for the theft, fire, flood, vandalism, tanning, hair/feather slippage or any other loss or damage.  The decision and discretion of the taxidermist is binding and absolute and shall apply in any situation, in any disagreements or conflicts and for any fee assessment.  Taxidermy is an art form that works with natural mediums, as such there is the possibility for natural flaws or instances where the skin has been improperly handled by the hunter where slight alterations may be needed to create the finished product.  In some instances if the skin has been improperly handled, it may not be mountable.  While reference pictures may be used, the finished product may not look exactly like the reference picture due to working with a natural medium.