Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Bird Taxidermy Prices

All birds are mounted on a simple driftwood or branch base free of charge (either for a tabletop or a wall hanging location), and each bird is life-size and can be mounted in various natural poses.  Multiple birds can be mounted onto one branch/landscape/base.  You can even bring me your own base/branch if you'd like! 

While most birds are done as a life-size mount, shoulder mount birds are also available and are a good option if you are looking for a smaller or cheaper mount, or if the body of the bird is too damaged for a life-size mount.

While the simple driftwood base is complementary, a custom landscape/base or a multi-bird landscape for more than two birds will be an additional charge.  You will need to describe the type of custom base you want and provide me with a price range you are willing to pay for, and I will then send you a quote for it prior to building it.  Click here to learn more about how the process works.  For specific questions or requests about the positioning of your mount or the base/landscape it will be mounted on, please visit my contact page.  In addition to custom bird taxidermy, I also provide custom soft mount taxidermy/lifesize mounts and run my own Etsy shop, where I sell various taxidermy pieces that are already complete and ready to ship.  If fish are more your thing, I can provide custom fish reproductions/replicas.  There is a link to both of these on the menu at the top of this webpage. 


*Note: Open-mouth birds will have an additional $10 charge.  Displaying poses will have an additional $20 charge.

Quail: $320

Partridge: $340

Pheasant: $380

Standard sized Grouse and Ptarmigan: $360

Sage Grouse: $400

Wild Turkey: $1100

Coot: $360

Duck/Merganser: $400

Goose: $700

Crane: $1100

Other birds not listed: prices vary depending on species 

Bird shoulder mount with simple landscape wall display: half the price of the normal lifesize mount.  (For example, pheasant shoulder mounts are $190, while the normal lifesize mount is $380).  

Turkey tail fan on tooled leather base: $150

Turkey tail fan on wood panel: $220

Turkey tail, feet, wings, beard on panel: $480

Pheasant tail fan on tooled leather base: $80

Small bird wing - no plaque/base (such as quail, any duck, pheasant, partridge, small grouse): $50

Large bird wing - no plaque/base (such as turkey, any goose, large grouse): $100


Anything other than the complementary piece of branch/driftwood: prices vary based of size and complexity

Custom landscape bases can include:   

Vegetation, rocks and dirt, fake snow and icicles, fake water, wall ghost hanger instead of a landscape, large multi-bird branches/scenes, barbed wire/old fence posts or barn wood, fancy/rustic wooden bases or panels for either the tabletop or the wall, pedestal bases, and more.


Prices for repairs on old bird taxidermy will vary depending on the job that needs done.

NOTE: Please note that all sales are final and nonrefundable, and prices are subject to change over time.  There will be a 3.0 percent fee on all credit card purchases.  Taxidermist and/or company will not be held responsible for the theft, fire, flood, vandalism, tanning, hair/feather slippage or any other loss or damage.  The decision and discretion of the taxidermist is binding and absolute and shall apply in any situation, in any disagreements or conflicts and for any fee assessment.  Taxidermy is an art form that works with natural mediums, as such there is the possibility for natural flaws or instances where the skin has been improperly handled by the hunter where slight alterations may be needed to create the finished product.  In some instances if the skin has been improperly handled, it may not be mountable.  While reference pictures may be used, the finished product may not look exactly like the reference picture due to working with a natural medium.